This function crafts the actual tile per se, including the specific aesthetic traits for each tile. This is the simple version where you explicitly state the color.

solo_box(value = NULL, txt = NULL, former = NULL, size = "md",
  icon = NULL, type = "info", link = NULL, units = NULL,
  hover = NULL, textModifier = "h1", ...)



The numeric value you want to highlight (the main enchilada)


Optional subtext that should appear under the value


The numeric old value to use for comparison to 'value'


Optional size specified in the bootstrap css classes: "xs","sm","md","lg")


Optional glyphicon that should be displayed from you need only supply the name of thing you want, like "check"... not the full "gyphicon-check"


Optional bootstrap css element that governs the color. Choose from: "Muted", "Primary", "Success", "Info", "Warning", "Danger"


Optional hyperlink that should be followed on click


Optional units that should be displayed after Value


Optional tooltip, or text that will show up when a user rests their mouse over the tile.


Optional css category of "large" text. In this case, the icon, value and unit. In this case, title. Default=h1


Optional additional html elements


b1 <- solo_box(type = "warning", value = 3.57, txt = "B") b2 <- solo_box(type = "danger", value = 13.7, txt = "Nutritional value") b3 <- solo_box(type = "success", value = 1, txt = "Yumminess factor") b4 <- solo_box(value = 3.57, former = 3, txt = "Times apple eaten", icon = "apple") finisher(title = "straight buttons", divs = b1) finisher( title = "with divs", divs = div_maker( subtitle = "boom", textModifier = "h1", div_maker(subtitle = "Boom", textModifier = "hi", b1, b2, b3) ) ) ## Or taking advantage of the ability to change the textModifier: finisher( title = "h4 modifier", divs = solo_box( value = 3, txt = "uh huh", former = 2, textModifier = "h4" ) )