Function 3 of 3, the last step. This function grabs the Divs created by `DivMaker`, or individual buttons if so desired, and combines them into a freestanding html file. Use this when you don't want the buttons to be part of a file, but a file itself. or, you could also use this as a convenient way of wrapping up buttons without using a div (although it is a bit irregular).

finisher(title = NULL,
  css = "",
  file = NULL, textModifier = "h1", divs)



Title. Default NULL


A string indicating css url, for final installations pls save the css file locally. By default we are using the 3.3.7 bootstrap CDN because they support icons, but some others that might be interesting to you are: or (but if you use version 4 you will lose the ability to display icons).


Optional filename if you desire to save the file.


Optional css category of "large" text. In this case, title. Default=h1


div_maker elements.